AR300M-Lite -- One "Extra" GPIO Needed

Having gotten tired of so many whining about their “4/32” devices on OpenWrt, I broke down and bought an AR300M-Lite just so that I could say “Yes, I own one of these and it works well.”

So now, what to do with it? Well, I’ve got both a GPSDO and a CDMA time reference that would be fun to hook up to something. “Real” RS232 levels for serial NEMA sentences and PPS on another line. Putting level shifting aside as already resolved, the question is then how to get:

  • Console RX
  • Console TX
  • PPS

The illustration on GL-AR300M Series - GL.iNet Docs shows me one GPIO pin short for that.

First, are there any other GPIOs generally available on the board?

Second, being that it’s the Lite version and there’s no GPIO control of the USB power, is GPIO 2 “free” and accessible somewhere?


(Yes, I expect to have to build my own image and yes, I’m working getting my patches for the ath79 platform cleaned up and submitted.)

GPIO16 and GPIO17 is available. GPIO2 hasn’t PIN hole, you can’t use it.

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