AR300M (Lite) Switch


I notice that without the case there a 3 postilions in the switch. My router is currently using the tor Firmware. Left Button is the TOR, Center is Normal, and Right is TOR, can I use the right button to something else? Thanks in advance

Yes, you can write your own script.
In /etc/rc.button/
There are two script file for the switch, one for left/middle
One for middle/right

thanks for the reply… Ive check the path you mention and here’s the content:

BTN_0, BTN_1, BTN_8, failsafe, power, reset and rfkill

which of this files? need editing?

I forgot. Should be BTN0 and 1

I am on trip and cannot check.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll check it out.

By the way, is anyone tried or have a script that when you move the switch to the left, it enable the tor middle is normal and right will disable tor and enable openvpn.

I was thinking about doing this with a wireguard connection