AR300M-Lite VPN Questions

So I’ve just received a few devices, and I will firstly say they are amazing and I seem to have everything working as intended.

Two questions:

  1. When I have the WireGuard Server running, on the Internet page it shows the VPN logo with a X. But, on my connected USB150 the internet page on that device shows the VPN logo with a tick.
    Does the X on the server device mean there is something not quite configured correctly despite it seeming to work correctly?
  2. I am using the AR300M Remote Access for identifying my dynamic IP, and have been able to configure the USB150 client to use the URL in WireGuard.
    In the WireGuard Server Client Management there doesn’t seem to be the ability to use the Remote Server URL, and it instead uses the IP at the time of creating the client. Does the Remote Access keep the WireGuard Server IP settings up to date?


The VPN icon only indicate VPN client, not server.

Yup, WireGuard supports IP roaming.

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Perfect, thanks for the reply.
Looks like I’m up and running then.

You are using GL-AR300M to run WireGuard server and using GL-USB150 to run WireGuard client?
Is Remote Access feature is useful for you?

@linminquan Yes, that is my setup.