AR300m Openvpn Server Problems

Hi there,

I’m using an ar300m for over one year by now as a wwan ap/repeater, connected to a public hotspot (802.1x, Wpa2-Enterprise).

I’m using Expressvpn on the latest firmware (3.0.11.).
That works like a charme. It really does.

Anyway, I’d like to set up a vpn tunnel, to get access to the usb-stick which is inserted into the router.

When I start the vpnserver from the GL.Inet user-interface I’m not able to get a connection from the client to the server.
After the server is started I donwnload the serverfile and paste it to my smartphones openvpn client app.

Can anybody help me out here? Is openvpn-server not working so far on the “testing firmwares” or am I messing up here?
Do I have to edit some more settings, after loading the Servers openvpn-file into the clients app?

As this is just a hobby, I dont have anymore experience so far.

Thanks and Greetings.

Edit: I will paste a screenshot of the clients log asap.

Does the router have a global IP address from your ISP? It needs global IP address for server.