AR300M Time out error when in repater mode

When in repeater mode I connect to Hotel wifi. It request the Hotel password. I click join. The router disconnects from my laptop then before its wifi is available again I get a time out ERROR.
When I reconnect again when the routers wifi is available no internet connection.

When you reconnect again, is the repeater connected? Can you post a screenshot?

If connected then it is fine. There may be a captive portal. Check this guide

No the repeater is not connected. And no there is no captive portal. Only a password for the hotel wifi.
It times out before the repeater is again available on the wifi. After it connects on wifi NO internet available. I have to search again for the hotel wifi and join again and it times out again.
I tried different devices. iPad, Laptop, Android telephone.

I need a screenshot otherwise I am not sure what you mean.