AR300M unresponsive

So I have been using the AR300M for a while now and it has been great. I saw a beta client of PPTP was released and using that gave me really slow speeds (3Mb/s max) while I always used to get 10-11Mb/s with the same VPN provider. I decided to go back to 2.2X FW and that bricked my router. I managed to restore it (30-30-30) and now I am on 2.26FW which somehow has the non-beta PPTP client and I am back to 10Mb/s speeds which is great (for me at least).

I can continue using it like this but now my router sometimes just becomes unresponsive with a solid green light. I have to do a hard reset if I were to make it alive again. I am not sure what FW I had NAND before but the current one says NOR. Should I flash NAND again and would that help me not having to reset every time?

Also, can I save my settings so I don’t have to setup everything again if I flashed a new FW? I can see “Keep my settings” but that didn’t help me last time as it bricked the router. Saving to a config file and restoring it would be a nice option to have.

If AR300M fail to boot from NAND, it will boot from NOR. Could you try power in on again?

It never boots anymore unless I do the 30-30-30 reset and then it boots into NOR. Should I flash NAND and would that fix the issue? Do I have to go clean or I can keep my settings? I dont want to flash a FW with the beta PPTP VPN as it gives me very slow speeds. Thank you.

It can’t upgrade NAND firmware from NOR. You must be flash firmware from u-boot web which doesn’t support keep settings.

Do you have instructions how I can flash FW using u-boot web? I will set the router again so I don’t need to keep the settings but I want to be on the NAND firmware. Thank you.

You can read this guide. Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs

Thanks. I followed and I am back on the NAND firmware. I will monitor the stability of the router but it looks good so far. Thanks for your help.