AR300M - VPN - Repeater

I bought an AR300M, because I travel a lot.
I have been testing it at home, using it as a router and connecting it via a cable to connect to the router that is my domestic gateway to the world. [PC → wifi → AR300M → Cable → Router → World]
My devices connect easily. A couple of queries.

  1. I understand I can load openvpn on the AR300M and use it as the VPN link, rather than having to use a VPN on my laptop. Is that so?
  2. Is it possible to connect the AR300M to my Router, by wireless, and so not have to use the ethernet cable? When I travel, this is the mode I would use in public wifi (that is, no ethernet cable to public wifi). I understand it likely is possible, but do not know how. Is it the WISP mode?
  3. In the scenario in question 2, [PC → cable → AR300M → public wifi → World] 0 can I still use a VPN on the AR300M?
  4. Is it possible to change the MAC address - or tell the router to generate a random one?
    Thank you for your time and patience and any information. I am very new to all this an am on a very steep learning curve - and do not know the right words to use.

The answers to the first three questions are yes. This is how the router is designed.

The 4th question is yes for AR300M. The MAC address can be changed freely. You can change manually. But if you want it change automatically you may need to write a script.

For (3) you can even do:
PC → wifi → AR300M → public wifi → World

Thank you alzhao for your patience and taking the time to reply. I appreciate your advice and it is very helpful.

Thank you glitch -your information is very helpful - I had not thought of that possibility - I’m still experimenting with the device. And learning. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Much appreciated.