AR300M with v.3 (beta) - VPN policy based routing solutions?

Hi dev, thanks for the excellent work for the new firmware.
I would like to know how to make ‘VPN policy based routing’ work with new UI. I have been testing to use it with clean openwrt and the app worked well, but never worked with UI v3.
Do I have to execute some commands to make this work?

It would be awesome to have integrated in the new GUI some of the stangri great packages. Like simple adblock and VPN policy routing. A really top future would be traffic based policy (Netflix, YouTube, specific address and so on)

Best regards

Vpn policy functions will surely be added.

Pls also submit to the bug tracker and this will be in the dev schedule.

Submitted to the bug tracker

Can someone help me on how to install vpn-policy-routing 0.2.1-13 on the GL-AR300M?
I require ports to be in the policy not IP/domain or macaddress.