AR3o0M behind ISP openvpn help

Morning all, could use a little assistance if anyone is able. To start, I know just enough about this type of thing to get into trouble. I am trying to setup an openvpn server to access my local network remotely. I am unfortunately stuck with an ISP router that allows me to forward ports, and not much else. The plan is to run the AR300m behind the isp router, run an openvpn server that forwards to the main isp router, and after several days of attempting anything and everything I’ve found on the internet, I am at a loss. Current configuration, isp router is, AR300m is at, 1194 is open, and thats about it. Thanks in advance for any assistance, and apologies for the amateur issues.


What is the AR300M’s WAN IP?

Suppose it is 192.168.1.x, then you should set up port forward on your ISP router’s UI, port 1194 to 192.168.1.x port 1194.

Here is the UI in GL routers but other router may have similar UI.

Do not forget the click add and apply.

This was entirely my fault, i had to add the router ip on my isp network side for it to be visible (and vice versa). Running awesome, have one other unrelated question but will start a new thread if i cant find the answer after due diligence. Thanks for getting back to me alzhao!