AR750/AR750S: Firmware 3.201beta2 - Update package list failure on both


I have searched in forum but not found it.

When Update Package list in Luci always this error.

Collected errors:

And 404 if downloaded manually.

The others lists are OK.

Which is the correct address for solve that?

Thank you.

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We are still updating the repo so it will be updated soon.,

This repository contains private packages maintained by the GL, which are now subject to frequent changes and will not be posted until 3.201 is finally released.

OK thank you.

I have a doubt: when I make Update from GL UI I don’t have any error notified and I can see I have 7780 ipk available in AR750S and 7779 in AR750 in UI
in Luci there are only 7768 on both routers.

Are there two lists for Update ipk? One for UI that is OK and another for Luci not OK?
It is just these one with error in Luci
The others are OK
Maybe a typo error in distfeeds.conf?

Thank you

OK I wait :grinning: :grinning: