AR750 / AR750s how many div WLANs

Hello everyone,

how many div. WLANs a AR750 or AR750s can provide per freq.
I like to do do 4x 2.4Ghz and 3x 5Ghz.
Is this posible with one AR750(s) or do i have to use more than on AR750.


Should be possible, yes.

If you’re not aware, each additional SSID “uses up” time slots (bandwidth) even just idling with no traffic.

At three or four, you’re probably OK if you disable legacy modulations and rates, but be aware of the impact.

See, for example, Wi-Fi Beacon Pollution | and Best phone tracking app - project of the month

Hi jeffsf,

thank’s for your reply.
bandwidh do not matter. Uplink ist slow as well an each ssid will only host two devices.
I will read your links later.

Thank you & Regards.