AR750 configure for reliability

Hi, I’m planning to buy and deploy a few AR750s routers to deploy to a few locations to connect monitoring equipment (that is hardwired only but too far from the router to pull a simple cable) to send me some metrics back (temperature etc.) for research.

So the setup would be to connect the AR750s to the existing WiFi network (that I don’t own/control) and have 2 hardwired devices on the router.
I’ve setup 1 AR750s successfully in my test lab, using the latest firmware, and so far it’s working great(!) using default packages and connecting on 2.4G only (needed due to distance).

I’m looking to hear for any additional tips/configuration advice to increase the reliability of the connection (speed is not much of an issue as we’re talking small but continuous time series data), as after deploying the routers it’s not going to be easy to get back to them (multi-hour drives etc.) . I was thinking of perhaps having it ping a server to keep connections alive?
I’m definitely planning to use goodcloud and I’ve kept the default reconnect automatically settings (=on).

Any ideas are welcome and much appreciated!

luci-app-watchcat for scheduled and network loss reboots.

setup site to site tunnels for local network access to monitoring equip. have not done this with goodcloud but looks neat and simple