AR750 Firmawre 3.105 Server openvpn in bridge mode

I have installed the last firmware on my AR750. All is running well except the openvpn server in bridge mode. In router mode i can connect and access to my lan (Same success with wireguard server).
In bridge mode my client connect to openvpn server but I can’t access to my lan and internet.
Somebody can help me ?
Many thanks


Could you give a simple topology?

The topology is as follows:

  • My provider’s router 192.168.0.X
  • AR750 in mode router; wifi connected to my provider router adress
  • AR750 lan wifi 192.168.8.X
  • AR750 openvpn server in bridge mode
    Thanks for your help

So the AR750 isn’t the main router, did you set port forward on our provider’s router? If yes, what device did you use as an OpenVPN client? Did it assign an address like 10.8.0.x by Server?

Of course port is forwarded and I obtain an adresse 10.8.0.x when I connect with my mobile but no access to internet nor lan.
When I use wireguard or openserver im mode router no problem and all run.

Hi sorry for the late reply.

The current bridge function might be different from your thought. You can refer to these two topologies:

The first one is the current way.

I think what you want is the second way right?

Yes it is the second way.