AR750:Free space available not accurate in Web Ui when /overlay

A little observation. In the WebUI the free space continues to appear low even though there is much more in, when inserted an extra usb or sd card device for that and configured as /overlay.

In my case the 2 AR750s indicate that they have 2% free in WebUI when it is actually 97% free as it appears in Luci. USB devices are 480Mb.

I know it is only an aesthetic problem.

I think it’s because WebUI is looking at mtdblock6.


EDIT: Firmware 3.201 & 3.203, where AR750 is without space after updating, just 2Mb free.

Yes. The space only shows the internal flash, not overlay.

We used to show /overlay which make more sense. But there is problem as well.

For example the internal flash is 16MB. While overlay may be just 4MB, and available space is 2MB. So the UI will show 2MB free and used 50%. This looks totally correct and precise but, we got compliant that why the specs is 16MB flash but there is only 4MB shown on the UI.

Thank you alzhao :+1: