AR750 FW Build 3.105 and 3.027 QoS speed limit does not work

I am using the AR750 with build 3.105 since I USB tether to an iphone running IOS14+ and only this build works with IOS14+. The QoS speed limiting function does not limit the rate and the this is the only reason I bought the device. Is there a workaround? When is the approximate date the bug fix build will be released? I could simply enable the iphone hotspot and connect to it but I wanted the device to limit the data rate.

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It’s a real shame, this company creates too many routes that promise all sorts of functionality, but release after release the functionality is broken.

I’m still waiting for my Puli to arrive, but from what I see they need more serious software release QA with automated suites. Many exist and since they’re so open source already it shouldn’t be hard for them to do end functionality testing.

Pls check the snapshot GL.iNet download center

I did an install of the 3.201_beta2 without keeping any previous settings. The USB tethered to iphone IOS14+ and QoS speed limiting seems to work properly on the AR750. Thanks for the quick response.

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