AR750 How to Connect To A Hidden Network

Ive Been trying to figure this out and cant find the option on how to connect in repeater mode to a hidden network, any instructions.

First confirm the firmware version number, please upgrade to the latest version number
Then proceed as follows:

So i got it to work, my question is now why is 5g in repeater mode limited to 73m in speed and i cant change that and 2.4 is at 300m. This is confusing

The repeater wifi rate is the same as that of the superior wifi. Please confirm the upper wireless rate. You can also use the mobile phone to connect to the superior wifi.

So here are the rates when i connect to a wifi thru a 2.4 connection (Repeater Mode)

2.4 300m
5g 700m

and when i connect to a 5g connection (repeater mode)
2.4 300m
5g 73m

also router has an issue of constantly disconnecting from the network

Is your superior wifi a hidden SSID? I suspect that there is a problem with the rate negotiation. Please use your mobile phone or PC to connect to the upper 5G?

Can you please explain this to me, you want me to connect my phone to 5g then do what. And yes the 5g network is hidden.

I want to see how much the speed is after the phone is connected. It is not recommended to connect to the hidden SSID. The problem of rate negotiation may not reach the maximum speed.