AR750 loosing installed packages on reboot

Hi all

I do have AR750, but I noticed after installed few packages, they are gone. I think it happenes every reboot.
Is any way to make them permanent ? Or maybe to install them on sd, which I have already installed.


How are you installing the packages, opkg command line or Luci (advanced UI)?
Packages will be installed on flash memory so should be permanent until you do a factory reset.

Installed from Luci.

I have had this on two different devices with OpenWrt/LEDE (different manufacturers).
Both were caused by low supply voltage so might be worth checking hereā€¦
Failing that - faulty flash memory? Although I would have thought crashing would my more likely then.

I tried 5V 2A raspberry power supply. Currently on phone charger 1A, just installed few packages, seems fine. Lets saa what will happen after reboot.