AR750 OpenVPN DIsconnects and Firewall


I’ve been playing with an AR750 in WISP mode. I configured OpenVPN and it works fine, however I found two issues.

  1. When the WAN wifi looses it’s connection, OpenVPN does not restart once connectivity is back. I need to log back in locally and hit “Apply” to restart openvpn. Then it reconnects. Is there a way of fixing this?

  2. I’m using it to bridge two networks together with OpenVPN. However every time openVPN starts on the router, it seem to reset the firewall rules. The default rule allows no traffic from VPN to LAN. I can set it manually, but need to do so every time. Is it possible to make this the default? (allow VPN to LAN)


For 1. I need to check. I got some feedback that this is an issue. But when I test it always reconnect.

For 2. That is a problem in the script. You can check /usr/bin/setvpnfirewall (the name could be wrong) and you can fix this script according to your requirement.