AR750: Problem with internet connection, etc


yesterday I have good my new AR750. At onced I have flashed to firmware v2.272.

My problems:

  • Changing SSID will need set up to factory settings;
  • Connecting to LAN (Wifi switch off) will need set up to factory settings;
  • My VPN Provider: PureVPN. When I have copied necessary files in zip than “No servercertificat method has been enabled” How I generate it?

Thanks for help.


What do you mean this part?

PureVPN has some problems. Can you open the zip file and put ca.crt. Wdc.key and all the ovpn files in the root folder then zip it again to upload?

Ok, I have different problems.

problem 1: Internet connection via Wifi. Established, but after 20 seconds break.

What’ that?

When the signal is not good, repeater may disconnect, to make sure its own wifi can be up.

Can you try firmware v3.003

Hopefully it will be better.