AR750 - Problem with plugin gl-cloud-ui

i try to install the plugin gl-cloud-ui with no result.
After the installation (with message all successfully installed) the plugin doesn’t appear under the application tab and if i reboot the router i’m not able to reach (error 503 and 504)… reset needed.
need help
thank you

ar750 with 3.010 firmware

You can upgrade to the latest test firmware, and gl-cloud-ui is already built into the firmware. you can download the firmware here

You can’t access now, you need to press and hold the reset button for 10s to restore the factory.

I’d prefer to resolve with stable version… but i will try this

However, the 3.0.10 version does not support the installation of the gl-cloud-ui plugin.

I am using the test version 3.026 of GL-AR750, it is stable. Please try it.

You flash back to 3.010 anytime.

yesterday i tried this, and yes, it works!
ty all