AR750 / S - 3.211-1112 Firmware Updates


In the folder firmware/snapshots/3.211_beta1 there is still Do not use until this file is deleted.txt as it is in the other daily release folders.
Is it correct so better not to update yet or maybe you forgot to remove this .txt file and we can test the new beta firmware with no big issues?

Thank you

My guess is the firmware is under “snapshots” folder so, the firmware usually still has bugs.

I ask that because the other Beta folders don’t have .txt file when beta firmwares are in beta folders.

Snapshot are automatically compiled so it may haver risk to brick your device or has some serious bugs.

Just hold on a while if you do not want to risk.

From my point of view, wait a little bit whith your update, for fixing a part of some known open bugs:

Daliy product improvement.
Thanks for the hard work to gl, for this.

Hello. I mean that in the same folder snapshots / beta in 3.201 there were never the Do not use until this file is removed.txt files but in the new 3.211 there is the *.txt file and I wonder if it was an error.
It’s really not a very important thing :grin:

No warning file

Warning file

Thank you

That is not a mistake. The file is put there as warning. You know beta4 is three version behind beta1. When one beta version passed test it may just be released.

I understand now. :+1:

Thank you alzhao !

And I see now that the *.txt file as been removed along with other 3.203 beta folders. :rofl: