AR750&S - vlan ID affects GL Admin Panel Clients Page

AR750 and AR750S (Creta & Slate)
FW: AR750S - 3.211 beta 3 (openwrt-ar750s-3.211-1214)
AR750 - 3.203 beta 4 (openwrt-ar750s-3.203-0701)

That is just an observation.

I have noticed that by putting certain vlan IDs, this directly affects the Clients page of the Admin Panel. For example ID 3 or 30 makes the Wired section disappear. Other IDs, (can’t remember which one now) make the 2.4Ghz clients section disappear, or depending of the ID number, the connected clients appear as Oflline Devices.

Thank you.

This is because different VLAN ids change the interface name.
If VID is 1, the interface name is eth0.1, if VID is 3, the interface name is eth0.3

Yes, I know, but new VIDs don’t affect the LAN interface (eth0.1) or the guest interface (eth0.10 in my case), but when I make a new VID 3 or 13, so eth0.3 or eth0.13 , that affects the customer page in GL WebUI depending on the number used.

VID 3 put all Wired devices to the Offline devices. Erasing VID 3 Wired devices come back.
I don’t remember which VID numbers affect the customer page differently and make the 2.4Ghz section disappear or the 5Ghz as well or Wired devices go to Offline section.

This happens on both my AR750S and my 2 AR750s that are connected to the AR750S as a bridge LAN (untagged), GUEST (tagged), and another VID for 4G network (tagged)

Does this only happen to me? :thinking:

I also show Switch Config. If I change VID 10 to VID 3 or 13 o 23, Wired Devices all go to Offline devices, for example.
Strange thing.

My full diagram