AR750 site to site wireguard


i tried to do a site to site vpn wireguard, for can do some remote maintenance.
i don t want to use goodclood site to site, because i want to can fully manage each client (they can be on site, with different architecture).
(i can t upload my graphic)

i request your help for a configuration.
I already try to follow WireGuard Client - GL.iNet Docs
And i also try to use goodcloud, without real succes, and i prefer to can do manually.

I have buy 2 AR750

1 is the server : is at home behind a internet box . the internet box have a port forwarding 51820 to the AR750 server
2 is a client : it could go everywhere connect by a sharing connection (mobile phone), on lan some automation machine (PLC, SCADA,HMI)

3 i have a engenering computer with wireguard client on it, it could be everywhere also, connected to server by wirguard client install on it

The purpose is :
The server is a wireguard server : Wan ip / wireguard ip / lan ip mask
The client 2 is a wireguard client : wan ip (can change) / wireguard ip / lan ip mask
The engenering computer is wireguard client : wan ip (can change) / wireguard ip lan ip can change mask

I would like to can access to PLC/SCADA/HMI on the lan of client 2 from the engenering station.

Wireguard server/client/engenering pc are connected by wireguard firewall

From my engenering pc,
i am able to ping the 3 wireguard ip (192.168.10.XX) , to ping the wan ip behind the server (and all ip in 192.168.2.XXX), also lan ip (192.168.8.XX)
from engenering pc (when wireguard is activate) i can connect on web access of each AR750

i m NOT able to access on lan side of client 2.

I don ‘t know which modification i have to do (on server or client 2).

on server side i had on the file /etc/config/wireguard_server
list subnet ‘’
list subnet ‘’
list subnet ‘’
list subnet ‘’ (this will be for a futut installation)

Could you help me to have a simple setup for can configure my differents client to can have access on lan side ?
if it is possible , i would like to can configure via Lucie interface.

Hi !

I have the same set up and the same problem. Did you find a way ?

Can anyone help ?

Goodcloud is developed to get rid of the headache of setting Site2Site network.

If you do not want to use it, we cannot help too much because you are asking us how to build the wheel.

But I can tell you a trick. You can set up using Goodcloud, then back up all the config for your reference. You can disconnect all of your nodes from Goodcloud and they still work.

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