AR750 Slate different subnets each lan port

I’ve been unable to find the answer for my query here and I apologise if it is here and I’ve missed it.

I have a newly purchased AR750 Slate, where I’m connecting the Wan port via pppoe and I’m connecting both Lan ports to a Vlan enabled switch providing 2 separate subnets. I’ve been trying to set each of the Lan ports on the AR750 to have a separate subnet with each providing dhcp IP addresses within that subnet. However, I’m having no luck with both ports always seeming to be on the same subnet.

Is it possible to have both lans with separate subnets serving appropriate dhcp addresses?

thank you for any help

Funny I was just looking into that myself - looks like his could be done with vlans. I found an OLD post on the wrt wiki

That seems to make it look possible. Not sure how this hardware is set up but in Luci you should be able to see.

It’s kind of a backburner project I just thought of so I’ve not gone far nor will I go fast … but will post here if I find anything detailed.

Please do the same ;]

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Thanks forgetting back and pointing me in the right direction.

I did manage it by adding another vlan - vlan3 and untagging Lan1 on it and turning off Lan1 on the existing vlan 1. Then I added an interface to the new eth0.3 which worked with a separate subnet and dhcp settings.


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