AR750 speed issue

I’m running the latest 4.x firmware. My goal is to have my ISP (Fios) plug in to the WAN port, and then connect one of the LAN ports to my eero router. When I do this, and run eero’s speed test, I get 90/90 up/down speeds. I’m not using a WiFi network on the repeater.

However when I plug my ISP directly into eero, I’m getting 300/300, which is what I expect to get. Why is going through the AR750 giving me severely degraded speeds?

The AR750 only has 100Mbps ethernet ports, so it seems to be working OK.

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The AR750 has 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, the AR750s had 1Gbps Ethernet ports.

Oh, OK, I just assumed it was the AR 750S. I'll correct my post.

That make sense. I’ve got a Beryl around here, I’ll give that a go.