AR750: Storage appears where? How do I access it?

I like my GL-AR750 and it’s working quite well!

I setup and Enabled the storage for WAN & LAN, but I have no clue where to find / use this storage.
Is it supposed to automatically appear on any connected device as a disk drive.
Manual literally says nothing about storage.
I formatted both an 8GB MicroSD and a USB flash drive as EXT4.
In the setup software, There’s a place on the left side to view the connected devices and neither ever shows up :frowning:

Also curious if this can be used as a printer port.

Thanks for any help!!!

It is SAMBA and you should be able to find in windows network shares.

You have to enable network discover in your windows.

Some andriod phone has SMB as well.

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Awesome info!!!

I think at this point I’m doing something wrong because the USB part of the GUI never detects any storage devices (though I have both a MicroSD and USB flash drive formatted to both NTFS and/or Ext4 with no luck.

When I get off from work, I’m going to play around and make sure I’m plugging in the storage devices and then “Rebooting”… whether that involves some sort of “soft reboot” with the Reset Button OR unplugging power for a minute then inserting power back.

Thank you for your help!!!

Did you guys figure this issue out? I have the share showing up on my mac, but I can’t write anything to it. I think it’s EXT4 format.