AR750 tethering to Samsung s10

New user just got a GL-AR750 travel router. Up and running. I can connect to internet via cable and WiFi repeater mode but not by tethering. Phone is a Samsung S10 set up as hotspot and USB tethering enabled. Connected via usb. Firmware is version 3.026 on the AR750. Phone is seen by AR750 as ether 2.
Attempted connection and software just spins and then times out. Any suggestions???

Because we don’t have Samsung S10 for debugging now, we are looking for a Samsung S10 to debug this problem. We will inform you in time if there is any news.

Hi, any further updating on your testing of S10 please. I have the same issue as above but connection is so slow VPN will not load so can’t get around it that way.
GL-AR750S EXT with Firmware 3.100.
Tethered to Samsung S10 model SM-G973F running Android 10.

@DaveH @minionjohn
Hi,please use this firmware
If you still have problems, please ssh login to the routing background, export a logread or dmesg to me, and look forward to your feedback, thank you