AR750 Two Radios Two Interfaces?

Is there possibility to use AR750 for Client Mode for 2.4G (or 5G) and also use for DHCP Access Point for other radio? But NOT like repeater because do not want DHCP coming from parent router?

Thank you.

Do you mean WISP mode? In fact, the repeater mode on GL router is WISP mode, not bridge, so the LAN device won’t get DHCP from parent router.


Do you mean WISP mode?

I am not see WISP mode only:

Access Point
Pseudo Ad-hoc (ahdemo)
Access Point (WDS)
Client (WDS)

But I am not use AR750 now. I am only curious if I should buy AR750. GL router I have now only have one radio with 2.4Ghz. It is possible I can use this for Client AND also access point? This is very good if is true. Please explain?

It is Luci option. Yes, it can use for Client and AP in the same time. Internet - GL.iNet Docs


You send a link that is not anything related to question. The link is for use cellular modem maybe? I am not having this situation. Nowheres in post do I say I have this.

You say “It is Luci option” to use WISP mode but I ask how I can do this? I do not see in Luci. If you say is true please explain how I can navigate to find WISP mode please. I do not think this is existing in Luci.

WISP mode == Client mode

What you ask is that you need a router acts as AP and STA in the same time. Isn’t it? The link I sent to you is how to set up STA in AR750, it isn’t modem…