AR750 USB current

What is the current limit on USB devices connected to the AR750? I connected my Huawei 4G USB modem and the AR750 got quite hot although everything seemed to work. But I am worried it will damage the AR750 if left too long.

I am not sure. Maybe worth to burn it using the heat and try new models.

My AR750 is new, I didn’t plan to destroy it yet :slight_smile: Does AR750S support higher power?

No. MT1300 support more current than other models.

If we are talking about an USB 2.0 specifications, the maximum current is 2.5 watts.

I have the AR750s with iPhone tethered and VPN on running speed test. It draws around 7 to 9 watts.

If you look at the AR750s spec sheet the supplied power adapter is a 10 watt and yours should be similar.

I’m more concerned that it will get too hot long term, even if it can supply the current.

I bought a USB power/data splitter cable so I can power the 4G modem directly rather than via the AR750.

As an option to view the current on USB Ports is an usb charger doctor.
In the Web there are many reviews of models that make measures more accurately than others.
And it’s not so expensive.
An example:

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