Ar750 with OpenVpn and/or DD-wrt

Hi, I have the AR750 which i plan to use with openvpn. The openvpn files i have are udp but sometime udp can be blocked. In openwrt on the router you cannot change the connection type to TCP. Is this possible in the advanced settings? I have looked but i cannot see where to do it?

If not, can you dd-wrt be flashed to the router. I have seen the posts about flashing the router but these seem to relate to the ar150 or ar300.


What happens if you modify your ovpn file to use TCP?

Yes. Just modify the ovpn file. Change udp to tcp and check if it still works.

Hi, yes this is what i have done. it is just time consuming to do it for lots of files.

I am now in a hotel and the router will connect to the wifi but it will not let me access the portal page. I have tired lots of solutions online and even clone the mac address of my PC but still no success. Is there a new solution to get the portal to display?

It has been sometime that I don’t have a feedback of portal not working. Can you check the DNS settings?