AR7500 v2.272 openvpn and wifi 2.4G

I have configured my router with openvpn, all work except on wifi 2.4G, in wifi 5g it work, openvpn is ok, i can

sur on firefox or internet explorer but when i select wifi 2.4G nothing work, i can’t ping anything.

but on wifi 2.4G it work when i disable openvpn.

any idea ?

thanks in advance.

i am not sure but when i see on advanced setting interface vpn_client, is linked with tun0, may be tun0 is for wifi 5G and tun1 for wifi 2.4G ?
openvpn is worked only with one interface wifi and not both ?

Except for setting up vpn, did you set up anything else? e.g. repeater, firewall?

2.4G and 5G wifi should on the same network. I don’t think there is any difference.

tun0 is for vpn. It has nothing related to wifi.

i don’t setup anything, is a standard ar750 excepted i have modified default ip because my network is 192.168.2.xx and i added custom dns and UPnP service is checked.
I use ipvansih provider for vpn.

I have Nord vpn and I just did the same as you.

I can use the VPN on both 2.4G and 5G network. Not sure about your problem. But if you want, you can send me the configuration for a check. otherwise, can you just reset the whole firmware and try again.

Anyway, AR750 has a new firmware v3.003
Maybe you can just try this one. Don’t reserve settings because it is totally new.

I forget to say that i changed ssid name for wifi 5g and 2.4G but i will test the new version v3.003.

i have tested with v3.00.3

wifi 5G all work well, internet, repeater and vpn

on my notebook packard bell
wifi 5G, all work, internet, repeater and vpn
wifi 2.4G, repeater work, i can see wifi and i can connect it internet work and vpn not work

on my smartphone samsung 7 edge,
wifi 5G all work
wifi 2.4g repeater work, internet work, vpn not work

in fact, vpn not work on wifi 2.4g, only on wifi 5G

after editing gateway to ip ar750 all is working, myip from ar7500 is, on advanced setting the ip gateway was that is routeur ip (srx5308 netgear), i have modified on adanced setting and i have replace it by i use my ar750 as repeater to R6300v1 netgear wich is connectes to switch netgear, and this switch is conencted to srx5308.

If you changed gateway that may be the cause.