AR750S 5GHz client slow TX speed

Hi, have just upgraded to the latest build 3.104 and have noticed that the TX speed from the router to my 5GHz clients are really slow. I just did a full factory reset and still this issue is there:

I have tried all the combinations of 20/40/80Mhz channel bandwidth and auto channel, power levels but to no avail. Can someone please help? Thanks

After some more testing - I can confirm the actual throughput is fine, and the connection speed \ goes faster when there is demand. Assuming this is the network interface entering power saving when idle.

Yep this is normal for Wifi. Speeds go up/down as needed.

Still not convinced I installed iperf3 on the GL router and ran the same on my parrot linux laptop and also on my ipad pro. The results up and down are quite different:

The CPU is pretty slow on routers. Try directly between your laptop and iPad (preferably with the laptop connected via Ethernet) instead. Routing/switching performance will be much higher than CPU performance.

Yeah between laptop and either ipad or iphone11 on the AR750S wifi I’m getting around 30Mbit/s between them when they are both wifi clients and 250Mbps+ when the laptop is wired. The same ipad and iphone get around 250Mbit/s+ when testing on my home wifi to the pfsense firewall. (40MHz AC channels). The laptop is an older model so it’s 5GHz wifi is probably not that good.

The speed displayed is not your max speed. So it may be low.

As @npkamen pointed out, if you use ipref on the router it could be slow because of CPU performance. Routers use hardware NAT for forwarding data.