AR750S-EXT Gigabit Ethernet Network Throughput?

Hello All,
I have recently installed the AR750S into my gigabit network. Both the LAN is all gigabit and the WAN connection is capable of speeds greater than 900 megabits/sec to “real world” servers on the Internet! The problem I am having is that the AR750S is a bottleneck. I can only achieve around 200 megabits/sec throughput speeds when it is in the middle of things. If I remove the device (that is acting as a router with basic NAT’ing) my computer systems are able to attain the much higher data transfer speeds the WAN connection is capable of!!!

Are the gigabit ethernet interfaces on the AR750S really capable of sustained gigabit speeds? If not, does GL.iNet make a device that really is capable of true gigabit ethernet operation?

Thanks for your help!

The AR750S Ethernet port rate can reach 900M or more.
You can test ethernet throughput using ipref.

Not sure you read my original posting…

Have you actually run data through (LAN<->WAN) the AR750s at sustained gigabit speeds (or 900M as you indicate)?

I indicated that if I remove the AR750s from the path and just connect directly to my edge device the computers system call all reach greater than 900 megabits/sec data transfer speeds.

The bottleneck seems to be related to the AR750s for some unknown reason???

Thanks you all for the suggestions and comments!

One of my problem not attaining higher speeds was related to am intermittent bad ethernet cable…

I am now attaining just a little below 600 Mbits/sec throughput, which sounds like the most I can expect…

Thanks, again!