AR750S-ext open and forwarding ports


I don’t understand it anymore. I’m trying to open and forward some ports on the AR750S-EXT to my server but whatever I do, they won’t open/forward.

Firewall->open ports on router-> add “secweb” - 8080 - TCP - “enabled”
Firewall->port forwards-> add “secweb”- TCP- wan- 8080 - lan - - 8080 - “enabled”

When I check the port with it is closed

What am I doing wrong???

edit: The AR750S-ext replaced an AR300M which was configured in a DMZ

Do you have a service for port 8080?
If no corresponding service is running, you may not detect that the port is open.
In addition, there are some conflicts between your two rules, all data accessing port 8080 will be forwarded, therefore, your first rule is invalid.

Yes, i have a servicing port open in my network on my Qnap server.

I also can’t forward some ports tu use the openvpnserver on my Qnap.

ports which are in use on Qnap are:

TCP 80,443,8080,8081,1723 and
UDP 500,1194,1701,4500