AR750S-ext posibilities


I ordered a AR750S-ext as a replacement for my AR300M-nand. I have been playing a bit with the AR300M.
I was wondering if it is possible to setup the AR750S as follows:

  1. adguardhome protection and DoT, DoH, DNSencrypt for my LAN
  2. a few LAN clients behind PIA VPN
  3. USB tethering as backup for my ADSL line.

Thank you very kindliy

grtzzz tom

  1. adguardhome yes or stubby or dnscrypt or point adguardhome to tls:/x.x not all of them at once.
  2. yes can filter clients to use vpn based on mac address or assign vpn access to users accessing the guest wifi
  3. yes if your adsl is down you can plug in your phone if you are there. if your looking at keeping a phone connected all the time as auto fail over…that will require some extra work beyond the scope of their software
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thank you for your reply.
My goal would be to setup the AR-750S-EXT as a PIA VPN for some LAN clients.
For all LAN clients protection with Adguardhome with DNS encryption. DoT/DoH.
And last but not least, in case of provider troubles, my cell as backup.

Thank you,

Grtzz tom

PS: It’s a complete new world, DNS. but love it.