AR750S firmware 3.105 broken

After upgrading to 3.105 the git-http package can no longer find it’s required libssl1.0.0. I had some ssl problems with python-pip as well, which may be related. Seems like the upgrade to openssl 1.1 is incompatible with a bunch of the openwrt 18 packages.

It would be wonderful if you guys could upgrade to openwrt 19. I am trying running a hotspot auto connector script that requires python’s requests package which doesn’t come with openwrt 18 and I have yet to get the script to work on the AR750S.

just confirmed. 3.105 also breaks pip3 downloads which work fine in 3.104

Filed the bug and will fix.

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thank you! btw, after downgrading to 3.104 I could get the script to work by installing a few packages vi opkg and requests and a few via pip3.

Looking forward to the bugfix. Thanks a lot