AR750S - FW 4.3.11 - Missing package gl-sdk4-cloud

Hello. I have unintentionally uninstalled the goodcloud sdk4 and I cannot find it in the repository list.

It seems to me that it was gl-sdk4-cloud and gl-sdk4-ui-cloud.


Maybe just reset the firmware.

There is no way to download manually as .ipk ?

As it is pre-installed in the router, guys didn’t put in the software repo.

Also pls note, you cannot really remove ipk from the router. It is just hidden. I am not sure if it will cause troubles if you install again.

If you are happy the ipk is still there. Maybe try
find /rom | grep <ipkname>

ok I will give a look. Never done this but it’s ok better than reinstall FW.

It‘s worth a try :slight_smile:

find /rom | grep gl-sdk4-cloud