AR750s Keeps disconnecting [fixed]


So this is another trouble. Do you have any info about the model they used? Do you repeat on 2.4G or 5G?

We may need to buy the same model and try.


It’s a VMG1312-B10D.

I have 2.4g and 5ghz configured on the slate with the same ssid. Not sure what the Zexyl router is using as I don’t have access the the configuration


Try 3.022


Shouldn’t we be using firmware from the ar750s folder? This is a discussion thread about the Slate.


Really sorry, my mistake


Yes, I saw and tried the .22 version. Did not help. The Slate still frequently disconnected from the upstream WiFi. In fact, with .22, it would disconnect and the only way to reconnect would be to log into the ui, scan for WiFi, and re-enter the upstream WiFi password.

I have switched back to my ar-300m running firmware 2.263 and it has been rock solid. Neither dropping it’s own WiFi broadcast, nor loosing the connection to the upstream WiFi.


So you are using AR300M and repeater works good with 2.263 but not 3.022, right? What about turn the “auto scan and reconnect” off? Can you help to get some logs if you can try 3.022 again?