AR750S losing default route when OpenVPN client disconnects

Hi all, new AR750S owner here. It works pretty well at the moment, including connecting by OpenVPN to my VPN provider. However, when I disconnect VPN, the default route disappears entirely (can see in luci), which means no internet unless I manually add a default route back, or reboot (I guess I could also disconnect and reconnect the uplink…). Why is this happening? Shouldn’t it revert to the previous default route? My uplink is just a wifi network, with addressing via DHCP, so nothing special.

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It is very strange.

Can you let me know what route?

When you disconnect vpn, it should go back to default router.

Hi Alzhao. Below are three screenshots. First one is pre-VPN, second is active-VPN, last one is post-VPN. Sorry for the weird triple-screenshot, this forum doesn’t let new users upload more than one image to a post.

In active-VPN, I noticed that the server pushed, bound to the TUN0 interface. This rule overwrites the default route and disappears with the TUN0 interface when the VPN is disconnected.

The router automatically adds and as global proxies, so we do not need to add the route.

You can check the configuration file to see if there is any action associated with setting, and if there is, you can try to delete it.

In addition, this route may come from the server push, you can try to add route-nopull option to configuration file.

Your ovpn server pushed a router, replaced the default route on the router.

So pls try add this line to your ovpn and upload to the router again.