AR750s not working after traveling through airport

Just got to my hotel from the plane, and the router worked perfectly before going on the plane. I couldn’t find any documentation about not taking it on a plane so I figured it was fine.

Now when trying to log into the routers interface, it takes a very long time to load the GUI. The GUI loads after about 30 seconds but keeps complaining about a timeout. Logging in via SSH works perfectly.

I have tried both the 3 & 10 second reset.

After the 10 second reset, I noticed that the welcome url never loads the model number on the GUI when it eventually loads. It just says GL-. The router never passes the create new password screen.

Logging in via SSH still works fine

I am quite sure the “passing thru airport” isn’t the issue here unless you have been targeted by a hostile actor :slight_smile:

but reading your symptoms I recall experiencing something similar a couple of times in the past.
my quick solution was a browser cache and cookie cleanup.

also - if you have access to another pc/phone (with a browser) that are connected to the same AR750s then you can easily confirm my suggestion and rule out any browser misbehavior.

Can you try a different browser?

I use Chrome daily and I am having a lot of problem. Sometimes it cannot open the UI of some routers. Actually I cannot even open a lot of website e.g. airbnb and adobe.

But when I use Firefox I have no problem.

You can also use private tab.

just a quick recommendation :
I have been using the new Microsoft Edge Chromium for about 6 months now (since the beta) and it is VERY stable an works well with sites which were previously “picky” when it came to the browser.
I obviously used it on the GL-iNet gui and luci and it works immaculately.

Yea, I tried in firefox, chrome on my phone, etc. The problem persisted. I too am also convinced that traveling through TSA didn’t bork it either because I traveled through TSA again and it didn’t break it again.

My solution was to follow the procedure to debrick the device. I have not had any problems or symptoms since.

My AR750S has been through at least 100 airport security checkpoints in North America, Europe and Asia. It’s been under seats, in overhead bind and in checked luggage.

If TSA could kill a AR750S, mine would have been dead long ago…