AR750S still buggy?

Been using the MT300A for 3 years now through many firmware version updates.

Have always struggled with it as a travel wifi router in hotels networks. Half the time it works other time it just so buggy and unstable. Frequent problems I just give up and use my phone or laptop to connect directly instead of the router.

Is the AR750S better or still as unreliable due to software issues?

The current beta firmware is 3.022 and it is very stable.

Dualband will save you a lot of time for travel router.

Upgraded from 3.010 to 3.022 beta on my MT300A

Still unstable with hotel wifi captive portal.

Also, connecting to OpenVPN as client sometimes drops signal to router for a 1-2 minutes.

Have a AR750S on order and fear I would regret getting another router that is unstable.

The AR750s is rock solid. There are still issues connecting to some captive portals, but worse case you just have to MAC clone after connecting using your phone.

Piling on, but the only issue the 750S had was with captive portals, and that’s been fixed for quite some time now. I use mine weekly and everywhere and it just works.

AR750S has been “100%” for me on the recent v3 firmware. It’s always in my bag as a trusted companion for business travel.

My AR750S-EXT arrived. Upgraded it to 3.022

Still having issues just like with the MT300A

Tried to connect to xfinitywifi hotpot. Internet wouldn’t work. Tried scanning again and fiddling around, but it timed out. Eventually the router crashed or something not responding. If this isn’t working pretty sure hotel capture portal stuff will be buggy as well.

Connecting directly from my laptop to xfinitywifi works fine. Tried mac cloning too on the router but doesn’t change anything.

Unstable as before as repater from 2.4 to 2.4 or 2.4 to 5GHz. keeps disconnecting rebooting cycling







55 nights and counting in hotels so far would have to disagree with that.

You’re sure VPN is turned off first? (While I get how some people are paranoid about leaking IP w/o VPN, VPN state persistence even over reboots is one of the few real “bugs” (for me, anyway) about GL-iNet V3 firmware and I wish there were a “disable after reboot” checkbox; I’ve been caught by this so many times).

Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one. On more that one occasion I’ve tried all the tricks in the book to get the captive portal working, only to find I still have a VPN active… Shut that off briefly and all is well.

Solid router and I use it all over the world…