AR750s: wifi password bug?

I just got my new AR750s and I think there is a bug in the UI. When I change the wifi password to a long one (say 40+ characters), I am unable to connect. This applies to both the 2.4 and the 5GHz bands.

Perhaps there is a maximum password length? What is it?

I use a password length of 32 characters and that works great :slight_smile:

My network has a 63-character wifi password. It works fine for all the other devices. Why does it not work for the AR750s?

The AR750s is running a beta version of firmware v3, there might be a new bug.

Could you send your password to @kyson-lok ? Maybe there are some special characters or some other issue, not related to the length.

The wireless password is 64 characters limited. It should work. Could you please comfirm you connect to it with the right password which is so long. Does it includes any special characters? What’s your password?

I have confirmed it just now. It indeeds a bug on ar750s.

@kyson-lok woops :frowning: :frowning:

This bug also affects the OpenVPN client password configuration. I have a 32 character password and when I put it in v3 of the software it throws an error. Works fine in v2.

Thanks for the feedback. Will check it.

Having an underscore _ in the wifi password is also a problem with the testing firmware, which was also confirmed by @kyson-lok