AR750S Wifi Repeater Disconnect 3.105


I recently purchased a Beryl, but sent it back due to the lack of EAP support. I have now bought the AR750S which is able to connect to EAP, but am now faced with a new problem.

In WISP mode, the wifi will occasionally disconnect from the network meaning that the router no longer has internet access. The broadcasting lan wifi still runs however. In order to get the router back up and running I have to manually connect the network in the glinet GUI. This happens every hour or so.

Is there a fix for this problem? I am using the standard power output supplied with router.


For anyone that sees this in the future - the problem seems to exist when repeating a 2.4g network. After using luci to select only the 5g to repeat, the issue went away! Still a wee bit frustrating, but manageable if you have a 5g network.

Hello! I have an AR750S and I have it in WISP mode repeating a 2.4Ghz public wifi, without password, access to the portal. and then giving me at home a 5Ghz wifi together with the 2.4 guest wifi and there is no problem if I make the connection with Luci, and with the interface with a different name than wlan_sta … there is never disconnection and the wifi is at 50 m away.


Maybe because of the repeater manager daemon.