AR750S WISP before connecting not showing remote hotspot MAC

I connect to a public hotspot to have internet and so have a captive portal and put my user and password. It’s not free in my country and it’s the only way to have internet. The problem is that some people make the same wifi network name and the same portal to take (steal) your user and pass if you connect to this pirate hotspots. I know which MAC has the official hotspot antenna.
So when you connect AR750S to the public hotspot from WebUI you cannot see the MAC so you cannot see BEFORE if you are connecting to the good or bad hotspot. (In LuCi you can but you have to go many pages config)
Can you put the option to see the MAC address in the list of Scan Wifi in WebUI? I remember in AR750 firmware v.2x you could see it but not in the 3.x version.

Can you do this in Luci?

Here is the suggested procedure:

  • First connect to the real SSID using our UI
  • Then go to Luci and edit the sta interface and fix the BSSID (this is the MAC address)
  • Then ssh to the router and disable repeater manager
killall gl_health
mv /usr/bin/gl_health /usr/bin/gl_health1