Ar750s with 3g/4g modem and openvpn server

I use a slate 750 with a hawaii/tmobile usb modem to keep a few smart plugs on a different network so that i can turn on/off and reset various network equipment for my primary xfinity service. Router works great and does what i need it to do. Im trying to setup openvpn server so i can manage local resources on the router, good cloud works, but find it rather cumbersome to use, id prefer to just have openvpn server working. Anyway, not having much luck with the server setup, i suspect its because the ip adress of the hawaii doesnt match what i get when i google what is my ip, on my slate usb modem info i see 6.98.199.xx but Google says my public ip is 172.58.207.xx Im confused as to why these two ips dont match. I would greatly appreciate any help

Is 6.98.199.xx accessible?

If not you may need to try our solution.

You can relay your openvpn server to a public address