AR750S - WLAN with VLANS problem

Hi everyone!

I have an AR750S router that I want to use to connect two different lans. Here is my current configuration:

I configured the vlans like this:
Port 1 = Lan1(untagged) / Lan2(untagged) / Wan(off)
Port 2 = Lan1(off) / Lan2 (off) / Wan(untagged)

My problem is as follows:
If I connect to my router via wifi with a PC addressed 10.x.x.x.x / 8 I can communicate with my different PCs and I can access the router interface at address

On the other hand, if I connect to my router via wifi with a PC addressed in 192.168.8.x / 24, it is impossible to ping anyone or access my router configuration interface (

Where did I go wrong? Does anyone have an idea to use the router’s wifi for 2 different addressing VLANs?

Is it a firewall problem?

Thank you for your help!

You can’t use wifi to two different vlans. You can choose eth0.1+wlan0 and eth0.2+wlan1

Okay, thank you very much, that’s what I was afraid of. How unfortunate!
Thanks for your help.

You can configure multiple AP, such as eth0.1+wlan0+wlan1 and eth0.2 +wlan2+wlan3