Are the GL.iNet Routers actually spyware?

I have a GL.iNet Router that I’m using with a vpn for privacy. Well I just looked at the privacy policy of GL.iNet and was honestly shocked.

This is what the privacy policy says: and other tracking technologies in our products to collect data and related information, including IP addresses, device identifiers, advertising identifiers and other information about your device, system and application software and peripherals. We may collect information about your browser and what sites you visit. We might also look at how and how often you use one of our applications and certain features.

Is this serious so you track everything I do when I use the router? I really want an explanation if there is none and you really do I will switch to a diffrent solution. This would be unacceptable.

That’s the usual stuff inside a privacy policy, which is used for not only one service but for websites as well.

If you are highly concered you can flash plain OpenWrt on the device, as long as it’s supported.


If you have such privacy concerns you can switch to openwrt which is open source and well documented too.

I don´t think so. I used many gli net routers and I monitored my network multiple times for other reasons an I never came across suspicious connections from one of my gli net routers with stock firmware. I think this policy is for the case that you are using there “gldns” DynDNS service but its just speculation. Since you can collect comprehensive data over such DynDNS Service.

For what purpose GL-iNet may collect these data from their customers? :thinking:

i guess they mixed a few services in their EULA/ToS.

But in general i think alot are for the typical standard metrics, some count for ddns services with GL-iNet or goodcloud, or their store front.

I think that information is important to make things responsive for their sites or when they hit a unexpected error of event, personally i dont think this is happening on the router itself, and if there would be such thing that would be probably harmless likely more just like a counter how many products are in use as a metric.

I do know this to happen in alot of software, even in plugins back then when i was running a minecraft server on bukkit :wink:, so far ive not seen evidence of that so, and honestly i do check alot of dns queries.


an explanation from gl-inet would be appropriate, I find this very troublesome.

@alzhao Maybe you want to clarify that the privacy policy is mostly for the web page? :wink:

@admon Thanks for the remind.

@Mike24 The statement is only for web pages. As long as you use cookies and put trackers (google analytics) to your webpage, they colloect these info. So it is pretty standard statement.

For the routers firmware we don’t collect anything.