Are VPN policies supposed to be working in 3.104?

I’m sure that I read that the VPN policies were fixed but I can’t find the information any more.

I’m only trying to bypass Netflx domains but the only thing happening is that they are being blocked when the setting is activated.

Any way to do this in conjunction with wireguard client currently?

I will have a look. But there should be nothing changed.

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OK thanks.

For more info I am using mullvad/wireguard and the domains I set up the policy for include:

I think all of VPN Bypass isn’t working, I’ve tried with OVPN and through the LuCI package as well. I can’t get to a gateway I have past it when any VPN is active.

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Oh man this is a real pity… the decent wireguard VPNs like mullvad and azire don’t support Netflix and we can’t just use the VPN policy which makes using wireguard a real pain.

I’ve had a look through the LucI options and couldn’t find anything this way either.

If VPN policies are not working then they should probably not be available on the firmware otherwise countless people are going to be wasting their time pointlessly trying to make it work.

Redacted. Redacted . :blush:

I’ve fixed this problem and put the test firmware here, but because of the kernel changes involved, I haven’t incorporated it into the firmware.

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Thanks @luochongjun for looking into this.

I’m not clear on what exactly you mean by “I haven’t Incorporated it into the firmware” however… do you mean that you just haven’t included it into the main firmware for now or is this a permanent issue?

If you could elaborate on what version your VPN-policy fix firmware is based on (3.***) and whether the fix will eventually be incorporated into the main firmware, that would be really helpful.

This is not a permanent issue, but it involves kernel changes.
We are preparing to migrate the firmware to openwrt-19.07 and this issue will be fixed in the firmware that supports 19.07

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