ARM300M-Ext loses internet connection

as I imagined the ARM300-ext router connected to the internet with a USB-modem, after a few days it lost its internet connection. Restarting the router from the GUI, the connection is not restored. If I turn the router off and on again, the connection is restored. Is there a workaround for this problem?
Thank you

Which firmware are you using for? Could you please try the v3.0 firmware? Which had optimized the modem functionality.

it is installed 2.27 Version Firmware. The v3.0 firmware i s stable? After Can I come back from 3.0 to 2.27?
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Even though it doesn’t release yet, I think it would be ok to upgrade. Please upgrade without ticked “Keep Settings”.

Sure, you can back from 3.0 to 2.27.

how you recommended me, I upgraded the FW (3.022) but the scenario is not change. Also, I have setup that, if it lose connection the router reboot, but it no solve. Only if I switch off and then switch on the router the connection restart.
Have you some advice?

If it can’t solve the issue, you should check the power adapter. Please ensure it is 5V/2A