ATX 1800 fails to see Wi-Fi networks in repeater mode

Hi, I have been using ATX 1800 (Slate) very successfully in WAN mode but now need to use repeater mode. When trying to connect to local Wi-Fi (not wifi6) it can’t see any networks. Even if I try to add networks using known SSID and password the connection fails. Any ideas ? I’m running 4.1 firmware.

Check the channels of the WiFi your trying to connect to? If it’s inside a DFS range it will not find the SSID’s.

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Thanks for your help!
I’ve checked and the 2.4Ghz channels are ch11 and ch6. The 5Ghz channel is 44. All my other devices can see the SSIDs and networks without any issues.

I am using the unit in Network Mode selected to “Router” - is that perhaps incorrect ? The alternatives are “Access point” or “Extender” but they don’t make sense to me if I want to use my VPN ?

I’ve now done a full firmware reset (back to factory settings and deleted all my data) and also tried the extender network mode and it still cannot see any wireless networks at all. I’m wondering if I have a faulty unit.

Is this with Ethernet plugged in for WebUI access?

Yes, into one of the LAN ports. I also tried UI access via a wireless connection (the Wi-Fi Tx part of the unit works fine… just no Rx) and there was no difference…no networks visible.

Something is wrong if it’s a fresh install/settings without touching anything. Try doing it manually in LuCI (Advanced menu).

You want to use Repeater (WISP) mode or Extender mode (Bridge)?

WISP should be done in the Internet status page, not network mode.

The unit died completely so I’ve returned it under warranty. Thanks all for your help.

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